Recessed Toilet Paper Holder holds and dispenses all standard core roll tissue up to 152 mm diameter roll. Fabricated of stainless steel type 304 alloy 18-8. Roller is chrome plated high impact resistant ABS plastic and spring-loaded.

  1. If drywall installation is required, add suffix “D” to model number. If wetwall installation is required, add “W” to model number (no clamp is required for wetwall).
  2. Optional finish and mounting style must be specified as satin and wet or drywall. Specify finish and mounting by adding code suffixes to model number (i.e. 10-7402-SD or 10-7402-SW for Satin finish or 10-7402-BD or 10-7402-BW for Bright finish).

-S: Satin Finish
-B: Bright Finish
-D: Drywall Holes
-W: Wetwall Lugs

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