Railbin (RB2)

Railbin is a cost effective, fully automated unit specifically designed for the collection & compaction of rubbish within high density residential applications.  Working on an inline basis, as each bin fills, the bin mover base automatically moves positioning an empty bin under the chute when required. Designed to fit directly under a garbage chute or loading dock it offers a compaction ratio of up to 2:1 into the listed bin types for removal by hand to the collection area. Railbin works perfectly in conjunction with the CG1 or LC1 Chute Models. Suits plastic mobile garbage bin sizes from 660ltr up to 1100ltr.

*Note: Not Available in South Australia


Specification Sheet

Product Specifications

  • Electrical: AC, 230-240V, 50/60Hz, 10A
  • Rotation Motor: Geared 50:1 240V 50Hz 1600w (1430 RPM Adjustable)
  • Compaction Actuator X2: 24volt dc 10A (max. 6200 nm Adjustable)
  • Strobe light – 24 volt dc (active before and during rotation)
  • Control and notifications via touchscreen
  • Manual and Auto modes available
  • Electric Safety Requirement: AS/NZS 60335.2.23:2012
  • Gross weight: approx. 900-1200kg