ASI JD MacDonald at Equinox 2019

ASI JD MacDonald recently wowed the crowds at the AIS EQUINOX events in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and will also be attending in South Australia on the 20th of June.


EQUINOX is a boutique evening trade-show run by AIS, offering design specifiers a social and entertaining avenue to discover the latest in product innovations, while providing product suppliers a platform to showcase their product range – in short, the prefect platform for us to showcase our most exciting new products.

Each event attracted hundreds of industry professionals who were able to see, touch and feel our latest product offerings including; the unique new Piatto™ collection, a range of phenolic fronted washroom accessories designed to be completely recessed in the plane of the washroom wall, with concealed hardware for the ultimate minimalist look; and the Velarecollection, an elegant Behind the Mirror system housing a  hands-free automatic soap dispenser in either liquid or foam, and your choice of a paper towel dispenser or high-speed hand dryer with a HEPA filter – an ideal choice for iconic buildings and high-traffic environments.