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First to Market – BIM Content Library for ASI JD MacDonald’s Tranquility Toilet Partitions

A library of high-quality, parametric Revit families for ASI JD MacDonald’s Tranquility range of Toilet Partitions and Privacy Screens is now available via the BIM Objects web page.

This is a first with toilet partitions BIM content for architects and designers in Australia.

Case Study – Matte Black EZ FILL™

54 Mary Street is an office building nestled in the heart of Brisbane. Spanning over 22 levels, it was no small feat for bureau^proberts engaged to carry out a refit of the public amenities. As part of the refurbishment of male, female and PWD bathrooms across numerous floors, bureau^proberts had to source a large selection of soap dispensers that would be readily available in large quantities – and ideally, in a particular black matte finish. ASI JD Macdonald were perfectly positioned to provide the solution.

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ASI JD MacDonald At Emerge Brisbane and Melbourne 2021

After a long Covid-19 affected twelve months, ASI JD MacDonald were ecstatic to attend the recent Emerge industry events in both Brisbane and Melbourne, with Sydney to follow in May this year.

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Article: Bathroom Design – Ushering In A New Era

The current topics foremost on everyone’s mind are hygiene, social distancing, and infection mitigation. Washing hands frequently is recommended if we are in a public space, or after sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose. Our overall hygiene has been left wanting and new solutions and designs are needed.  But there are more questions today than answers – will changes be legislative, or market driven? How do we separate people while still allowing them to meet their fundamental need to be social? Can we expect more pandemics in the future or was this a once-in-a-hundred-year event?

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Article: Successful Washroom Design in the Age of COVID-19

Arguably one of the most difficult design challenges today may be one often taken for granted: the washroom.

With few exceptions, the washroom has emerged as a make-or-break test for business, medical, educational and manufacturing leaders anxious to put their organization back to work with confidence and safety. If owners, architects and facility managers get the washroom wrong, workforce distrust and double about returning will spread across the enterprise like the virus itself.

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BIM Content Upgrade

ASI JD MacDonald recently completed a full upgrade of all BIM content as part of our ongoing efforts to continuously strive to provide customers with the best and most relevant industry tools.  Our newly created, high quality Revit files are available to download now from either the ‘BIM Objects’ page or from each product page.

ASI JD MacDonald at Equinox 2019

ASI JD MacDonald recently wowed the crowds at the AIS EQUINOX events in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and will also be attending in South Australia on the 20th of June.

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Case Study – How Important Is A Restroom In A Stadium? 

Earlier this month ESPN ran an article on the NFL website homepage, focusing on how important the bathroom experience is to fans attending the Superbowl at the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta.

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ASI Group Honored in Architectural Record’s 2017 Advertising Excellence Awards

Last week at the annual AIA Conference on Architecture in Orlando, Florida, ASI Group received Honorable Mention in the Campaign category in Architectural Record’s 2017 Advertising Excellence Awards.

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American Specialties, Inc. Now Offers An Optional Ceramic Backplate For The TRI-Umph™ Hand Dryer

Thanks to the unique absorbing ceramic plate featured on the TRI-Umph Hand Dryer, water is kept off the floor. That same absorbing material is now available as an optional backplate, perfect for situations where owners would not want even a droplet of water on the wall behind the unit.

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