Continuing Education

AIA Approved CPD:
Commercial Washroom Design and Construction Challenges

In 2016, ASI JD MacDonald partnered with IN2AP, an Australian Institute of Architecture (AIA) approved Refuel Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider, to become a shared sponsor of their latest CPD program titled ‘Commercial Washroom Design And Construction Challenges’.

Members of the AIA are required by the Code of Professional Conduct to provide professional services conscientiously and competently and are encouraged to improve their professional knowledge and competence through participation in CPD activities. The Institute’s Refuel CPD Provider Network offers external providers recognition and endorsement of CPD events and activities.

AIA Requirements:

In New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania and Queensland, or if you are an A+ member of the Institute, it is compulsory to complete CPD annually. The CPD year ends on 31 March for Queensland and Tasmania, and 30 June for NSW and Western Australia. A+ CPD requirements are in line with state requirements CPD points are allocated on the basis of one point for every hour of involvement for both formal and informal activities. The accepted minimum commitment from registered practicing architects is 20 points per annum (at least 10 formal) in a minimum of two competency units.

This module details technical and aesthetic design considerations for commercial washrooms. It reviews safety issues, assesses toilet partition components, washroom accessories and selected material options accounting for compliance and hygienic and maintenance concerns and it can be completed online at a time that suits you!

Learning Objectives:

  • Design considerations
  • Be familiar with the guidelines provided in the NCC/BCA and AS1428.1-2009 for washroom design
  • Safety issues in public washrooms
  • Account for hygiene and maintenance concerns in design
  • Understand construction issues with toilet/shower partitions
  • Learn what to look for when selecting accessories for commercial washrooms

Who May Benefit: Architects and specifiers working in commercial, public or education design environments who seek clarification and inspiration around washroom design related issues.

To access the online course or to find out more about an In Office presentation, click the below link:

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