14 Stratton St

Brisbane, Australia
Featured Products:
  • Piatto™ Collection


Located in Brisbane’s multifaceted suburb of Newstead, the new 14 Stratton Street development sets new standards for office design in the area, while embodying the pioneering spirit, focus on wellness, and importance of culture the district is renowned for.

Positioned just three kilometers from the city’s bustling Central Business District, in calming proximity to the Brisbane River, 14 Stratton Street is a boutique commercial development spanning 11 exquisitely finished floors. Designed by Rothelowman, the new building houses a roof-top, office, and retail spaces, as well as end-of-trip facilities on the ground level—celebrating the industrial heritage and vibrant character of the area, and the region’s subtropical climate.



With the design intent behind the development set to communicate Newstead’s unique ambiance, it was paramount for each area of the building to reflect the distinctive combination of wellness, innovation, and elevated style.

As one of the key areas of the new development—both in terms of fostering well-being and providing an entry point into the building—the end-of-trip rooms had to successfully reflect the high-end design language of the project, accommodate the practical nature of the facilities, and create a welcoming, industrial look and feel.

With a refined, clean, and unostentatious aesthetic delineating the higher floors, the ground floor area had to maintain the same level of seamlessness and pared-back quality throughout carefully selected fittings and details.



ASI JD MacDonald’s continuous commitment to servicing the wider architectural community enabled the team at Rothelowman to seamlessly ensure that the selection of the Piatto™ range was the ideal choice for this project. With its combination of minimalist, yet sophisticated forms and innovative capabilities, the collection of washroom accessories was a fitting addition to the end-of-trip areas.

Elegantly finished in matte black, the dark fit-outs perfectly complement the industrial character of their surroundings and further elevate the polished visual identity of the ground floor facilities. Conspicuously minimalistic, the innovative washroom accessories feature entirely concealed hinges and an internal latching system with no visible hardware. This pioneering product design approach enables the accessories to fit perfectly and completely into the plane of the finished wall, generating spectacularly minimalist lines with no protrusions.

This unique fusion of striking and sophisticated, yet clean and concealed qualities turned out to be the perfect match for the design intent behind the project.

“The design brief for the area was to create a warm industrial space, and the Piatto™ matte black units were selected to complement all of the other fittings and fixtures in the facility,” said Chau Truong, Senior Interior Designer of Rothelowman. “We also really loved how they could be installed flush with the tiles.”

In addition, the high-quality units are easy to install and adjust, and the phenolic doors are designed to close silently, so that the maintenance is effective and completely inconspicuous. This, in turn, ensures that the fitting and replenishment processes are just as seamless as the aesthetic ASI JD MacDonald’s Piatto™ washroom accessories are designed to generate.

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