BIM Objects

ASI JD MacDonald acknowledge the importance of continued investment in BIM. All families in the recently updated ASI JD Macdonald Revit library have been developed one hundred per cent natively in Revit and are easily downloaded using either of the following methods:

  1. From this page, batch product categories: check the product category you want, then scroll to the bottom and hit download.
  2. For a single product, go directly to the product page and click the BIM Objects field.

In addition, the entire library, including the ‘Virtual Showroom’ (a single RVT file that can be used to browse the entire library of families), is available to download using the link below. A ‘Content User Guide’, providing an overview of the new library is also available to download below and finally, the new library is available to users of the cloud-based Revit content management platform ‘UNIFI’ by subscription.

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